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Pieces of Horus Game Pieces of Horus
Dare you enter the unseen pyramid?
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Orange Bedroom Escape Game Orange Bedroom Escape
Escape the Orange Bedroom!
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Pianist Mystery Game Pianist Mystery
Reveal a musical mystery!
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Balloons Secret Game Balloons Secret
Discover the balloons secret!
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Winter Secret Game Winter Secret
Escape to enjoy the winter weather outside!
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Get Out Room Escape Game Get Out Room Escape
Find your way out of the room!
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Cozy Bedroom Escape Game Cozy Bedroom Escape
Escape your cozy bedroom!
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Scale Attack Game Scale Attack
Balance the scales!
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Rhythmix Calculix Game Rhythmix Calculix
It's math quiz meets rhythm games!
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Colorful Balls Puzzles Game Colorful Balls Puzzles
Solve the puzzle!
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